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Losing Me, Finding You - C.M. Stunich I hate when a story doesn't live up to it's potential.

I thought... this was going to be super hot & sexy story about a relationship between two people from polar opposite worlds that crash together and that fallout.

Instead it was a convoluted mess of an underdeveloped relationship within the confines of a badly written wannabe SoA episode.

The book was way to short to deal effectively with all the plot the author jammed into the story. Not enough time was spent building the romance between the 2 main characters for me to really "feel" their connection. The had some hot sex but other than their physical connection, what else did they have? I just didn't feel it with what little the author gave us.

The pacing was just... off. Everything jumped off so fast and so unbelievably and then we had a stall out.... then they kicked up again but the plot became a convoluted mess. What was supposed to add suspense just added frustration because the author didn't give enough actual plot details to understand the WHY of the danger. I was confused and annoyed. And then it was just over.

It does NOT end in a cliffhanger but it did end leaving me unfulfilled. Nothing was resolved. The external strife was never explained, unlikeable characters weren't given a chance to get their comeuppance or redemption and the most frustrating of all... we got nothing about Amy & Austin. We spent all this time in Amy's head, following along on her desperate jailbreak from her strange religious family and then we get nothing?? She just becomes Austin's and that is all we need to know about her growth and development as a person? Ugh.