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Gone Country - Lorelei James I can't believe I'm writing this about a L.J. book but... I skimmed the sex scenes. SKIMMED! That's the equivalent of me passing up decadent triple chocolate cake because it's too "rich".

But gah! I was...underwhelmed. The entire relationship between Gavin and Rielle was just so... bland. Gavin wasn't even a hot beta. He was more like background noise. There was nothing about his personality that ever took flight for me. Rielle was slightly more relatable due to our similarity in age. Her struggles to break out of her carefully constructed life felt authentic. L.J. did a great job with the evolution of Rielle's internal war, her inability to believe she could ever have a partner and that it was safe to loosen the death grip she was forced to have on her life and her dreams.

All that being said, Gone Country felt like a contemporary romance instead of the hot, sexy and erotic love story I've come to expect from a Rough Rider's installment.

I was more invested in the other two side stories... Gavin's relationships with his bio family and Boone/Sierra.

Boone blew my doors off with that kiss. I cried over that scene. I felt that cut in my heart along with Sierra. When I read the last page, they were foremost on my mind, not Gavin and Rielle. I'm dying to know what happens to our star-crossed young lovers. Something tells me it isn't going to be an easy ride!

I know Dalton and Rory are up next and I'm hoping that Rory stays all fierce! Reading a few reviews I saw that some folks didn't enjoy Rory's character but she felt real to me. Her overprotectiveness of her Mom and general distrust of Gavin were exactly how I would expect the grown daughter of a woman who never dated WOULD act. I loved it when she ripped into Gavin and forced some ripples into that placid pond. Dalton has that low level simmer thing going on... hopefully we will get to watch it boil over... multiple times!