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Damned - Bec Botefuhr HOLY HOT PIRATE!

Damned is a crazy sexy ride of pirate soap opera. Just when you think we've come to the end of the ride we take another bone splitting turn to the next hot sexy crazy.

Jax was our bad boy pirate, Jade his "good girl who wants to go wrong". Like all good soap operas the two main characters do everything in their power to muck up things on their own so all the parents sending in the troops, kidnapping, near death experiences, attempted murders and exes popping out of the woodwork might seem like overkill... but someone the author managed to pull it off without making me want to strangle anybody.

Okay... I wanted to shake Jade a few times. Hard.

And I wanted to smack Jax in the back of the head more than once. Or shoot him. But what a waste of Hot Man Pirate... sigh.

Overall.. I will be moving on to the next one even though I'm pretty sure Jade and Jax are going to drive me crazy with all their push and pull and run and chase and hate and love and for the love of god just STAY NAKED ALREADY!