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Rock the Heart (Black Falcon, #1)

Rock the Heart (Black Falcon, #1) - Michelle A. Valentine 2.5 Stars.

The thing that stood out the most as I finished the story... was how much better "Rock the Heart" COULD have been.

The author missed out on many opportunities to develop our main characters, Noel and Lanie, both as individuals and as a couple. Plot elements were tossed out that made me want to go "That would be interesting to know about...." or "Oh I wonder what happened there...." or "I wonder if we will find out more about.. ". Nope. The author would drop something significant and then it would just fade away never to be spoken about or dealt with again.

And that made me sad. Because M.V. made me want to know more. She pulled me in enough that I wanted to read a few snapshots of their relationship in high school, understand what brought them together back then and why they couldn't stay away from each other now. I wanted to understand what drove both characters... why they made the choices they did. I wanted to care about them damnit! Instead I was just annoyed!

Lanie's love him/hate him/can't be with him without any real understanding of WHY got old quick. Her reason of "my career" just didn't hold up against the supposed connection and passion of her relationship with Noel. Did she promise her Dad on his death bed to pursue her goals at all cost? I mean... WTF? Why the single minded focus on just this ONE possibility of reality? If M.V. would have given me something to understand her main character's primary motivation... I could have gotten behind it. Instead Lanie just seemed immature and unreasonably self-centered.

Noel... oh I how I love the spoiled Rock Star. I understood him much better than Lanie. Simple. He wanted Lanie back. I'm not sure WHY but to each his own. And as much as I enjoy a wild, mood swinging Alpha male there were times that Noel acted totally "out of character". When he jumped all over Lanie for getting into a fight with his "fan"... uh.. what? Up until that moment, his whole focus is Lanie. Lanie can do no wrong. So he just assumes that Lanie started it and jumps all over her for it? Didn't feel organic. Noel as he was written up to that point in the story would have had the "fan" tossed out on her ass even IF Lanie started the fight.

The supporting cast of characters were defined and likable. I loved Riff!

Soooo... I guess I will "wait and see" about Book 2.