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Seize Me (Breakneck, #1)

Seize Me (Breakneck, #1) - Crystal Spears I've been chasing the MC High for quite some time now. I love the Bad Boys and Antiheros mixed with Hot Alpha Male with just enough sweetness thrown in to make me swoon. My jones went into overdrive when I read Reaper's Property and then Undeniable. I loved the raw realism of both of those books. Finding that next contender for Hot Biker Love is what keeps me chasing that elusive combo of Bitter and Sweet. Bottom line, it is just frickin' difficult for an author to create a believable world of antiheroes while writing a believable story that then pulls off the biggest task of all... a successful, believable HEA.

Are you sensing a theme yet? Yup. I need a story to be believable enough for me to suspend disbelief to believe it.

And SEIZE ME well...It was unbelievable.

The plot was so overcrowded with SHOCK VALUE that there was very little room left for character/relationship development. I mean, some HEAVY SHIT went down in this story... rape, kidnapping, torture, major character death... yet the tone of the writing didn't match the heavy subjects. The way all of it was handled was just so... trite. Like the author was trying for intense IN YOUR FACE meets WACKY AND ENDEARING and it just did.not.work.

When the h screamed "Gummy Bears" into the phone when she was being drug off to be be violently brutalized... WTF was that? Was it supposed to be funny? Endearing?

Or how about when the h was torturing one of her rapists... the H and the rest of the club stood around and made JOKES? That is bad ass? WTF.

Any one of the violent events that takes place during the story would have been significant enough to build a story around but the numerous and repeated violence instead served to lessen the impact of each instance. The further into the story I read, the more unlikeable the H and h became to me and by the end, I could care less about well... any of it. I couldn't tell you a single reason the H and h even wanted to be together... other than lust. Instalove is always a turn off for me. Piling all that traumatic violence on top of it? That puts a lot of freaking pressure on your characters and Braxxon and Winter just couldn't climb out from under it all.

**I always welcome constructive commentary and discussion. Just a note though... the drugs. rape, general violence and all other things included in the author's warning.. is NOT the reason this book didn't click for me.