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Reaper's Legacy (Reapers MC, #2) - Joanna Wylde 7/15/13


I don't know whether to high five Ms. Joanna Wylde or go camp out on her front lawn holding a "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME 2014!!!" protest.

See, when there is a book I really, really want to read... no scratch that... a book that I'm DYING to read... "dying" as in on my calendar there is Easter, the 4th of July, Christmas and the RELEASE DATES of the books that I will be scheduling my every day life around... well, I do this thing. I'm sure lots of us are familiar with it... good old fashioned Denial.

I go out of my way to avoid any and all news about said upcoming book. I ignore author updates on FB and GRs, I skim over my GR updates and pass over any book blog and forum posts that mention said book. Oh I know it's still there... over there in the corner... whisperin' to me to bring my suppressed inner fangirl on over and get dunked in a big ol' batch of angsty want. But I persevere!

Because denial helps me stay receptive to all the books that AREN'T the books written on my calendar and keeps my ass out of that reading rut that I fall into when I'm jonesing hard for that one book I just can't have yet.

So that's why I'm late to the party. Tonight I was all Holy HAWT Cover Ruger is almost here!! I clicked on over to the Reaper's Legacy page and proceeded to burn the paint off of my walls with my foul mouth. 2014!! (eta: I thought it was coming out August 4th, hence my melt down)

Joanna, if you read this... HUGE CONGRATS on your latest publishing deal. I first encountered your writing when I discovered ebooks, Ellora's Cave and *cough* Alien Erotica *cough*. You've been working your craft for a long damn time and on top of that, you are one of us. A Reader. I think you love reading, talking about books and the hunt for the next OMG! book as much as you do writing and that makes you FuckAwesome.

But dang! 2014?? 2014!!! That's like... MONTHS from now. MONTHS! My suppressed inner fan girl is throwing the biggest drama mama fit right now. I explained to her that the publisher controls the release dates but she... well, she might have used her unflattering name calling skills referring to my "balanced, logical acceptance of change and that she might very well get hit by a bus before she gets her some Ruger". I'll kick her some season one Sons of Anarchy, that first time we see Jax and his full tat in the shower... that'll shut her up. Just don't tell her about Opie. But yet again, I digress.

While I'm disappointed, I'm sure both myself and my suppressed inner fangirl will survive until eagerly anticipate Reaper's Legacy release. Next year. In 2014.